Didsbury 2012 (2)

By   November 2, 2013

They don’t call them road switchers for nothing.  Looking north now while sitting in my car at the crossing of highway 582.  Three engines; 8506, 9706 and a now leading and unidentified GE unit have parted ways with their south-bound consist and are working their way back through the Y about ½ a kilometer from my position.  They will return with 6 to a dozen more tank cars.  Of course oil and chemical shipments are as common around here as they used to be southern Ontario.


The scenery is lush and rugged on this late July morning.  Much of the bush and grass at the left is growing over plowed up and turned over piles of soil and gravel.  The owner of the property couldn’t be identified but it looks as if it may still be part of the CP right-of-way.  Perhaps a torn up siding – or two.

The area on the right is light industrial and commercial.  Fuel distribution, agricultural supplies, a gravel pit and a tire repair.  Not untypical of any active prairie town.  I love those utility poles.  I have them everywhere on my layout because you just can’t have too many.  I know there’s an argument for keeping them few, and well out of harms way, but my advice is always (a) don’t derail your trains and (b) watch where you put your hands.  Simple.