Must be something about blue and yellow that I don’t understand. – 2

By   April 21, 2015

On the other side of the bridge. Same spring day. This short bullet didn’t stop at Belleville but raced west towards Toronto. I love Toronto. Is it ok if I say that?

Anyway the LRC and four cars were not me primary interest at this particular time either but rather it was the old GTW bridge. I was trying to duplicate it for an HO module I was building for the newly formed Trenton Model Railway group. It was a common steel through truss bridge but still odd enough that it would be instantly recognizable as being in Belleville.


Later in the year, from this vantage, you would see fresh grass growing between the rails all the way across the bridge and towards the crossover tracks and the signal towers in the distance. Going on past 100 years now and still in heavy service. They built them good way back then…

I did a lot of train watching during the early spring while I was in Trenton. The snow was long gone and the sun was usually warm even in mid March. It was a pleasant change from my previous stay in Winnipeg so I was out there tromping around on dead grass under leafless trees. People seldom model that time of year.