Somewhere near Brighton.

By   April 21, 2015

Somewhere near Brighton.

I may have mentioned this before but there is a stretch of double track between Trenton Ontario and Brighton that cries out to train watchers. Did me anyway. CPRail and CN side by side in relatively open country broken up by highway overpasses and railway bridges. Just wish I were in the area today so I could enjoy the heavier traffic volumes and much heavier trains. That would be quite a show.

Perhaps I should have paid more attention to VIA trains when they were sliding by. They’re the ones on the chopping block. Freight trains will always be there and they will get bigger and bigger and more frequent. But I did not. So I have no idea what I have here.


Eastbound out of Toronto, VIA 6531 never did get the red VIA painted on the nose as least as far as I can tell by looking through on line photos and it did power the Super Continental in the early 80’s. With ten cars, including two domes, I expect that’s what we have here although this was taken after 1983 and before 1987.

I can see where even some simple notes would have come in handy here but I take so many photos the notes would have bogged me down by now. What I did take a picture of was this fence. Don’t laugh. I built this fence on my G scale layout many years after I built it on the N scale layout. The train just got in there by chance.