Albert Canyon Part 1 – Then and Now – 3

By   April 30, 2015

I’ve made a point of mentioning the most western leg of the Y in what’s left of the working yard at Albert Canyon.

Standing here, looking at the crest of the hill, you can just make out the sides of the plate girder bridges over the creek. There are three. One noticeable older than the other two.   You might even picture for yourself the water tank close by on the left of the approaching curved track. The switch stand is locked of course but it comes fully equipped with two warn out brooms and a snow shovel suggesting recent use.


The rail is identified at 100 pounds so it isn’t just some old steel left over from the early 20th century. It’s designed to be used under today’s equipment even though the grass has nearly covered the ties.

A few questions of the staff at the resort as well as the last of the permanent residents told me that there are cars, and even an engine, dropped off here and left behind on a few occasions a year. They might be bad order cars but it’s more likely they are supplies in support of track work in the area.