Albert Canyon Part 1 – Then and Now – 4

By   April 30, 2015

Of course there is always another side to a Y and that is here as well. The narrow road in the center of the photo heads off into the homesteader property but it hasn’t quite covered the evidence of the ties laid down a hundred years ago.

Barely visible, from the lower left to the center right, the line of ties curves toward the south at the end of a long narrow clearing in the woods. They never meet up with the western leg though. That has been cut off at a new “engine house” or perhaps a maintenance shop on the property.

If anyone knows what it’s used for please drop me a line. There will be photos in the next edition of the Proto-files.


I couldn’t possibly leave this 4-pack of pictures without commenting on the vivid colours that surround you at Albert Canyon. Surprising perhaps coming from someone who has often preached against the use of those very vivid greens and browns as ‘toy like’ and just not real.

Well, as you can see, they’re real enough here. I take it all back. Guess I’ve been living in the city too long.