It’s a big country…. (2)

By   April 2, 2011

A high speed east bound container train lead by three of my all time favourate zebras somewhere between Rivers and Portage la Prairie in the summer of ‘88.  Just one of a hundred + pictures I took on a photo trip out of Winnipeg.  Roles of film filled my pockets.  New on the right – exposed only on the left.

It’s not a good photo so it kind’a got left behind as I completed other projects but it still manages to demonstrate some great Canadian prairie scenery ideas.  Notice first that the sky isn’t all blue.  You’ll set yourself above the crowd of ordinary layouts if you just keep this picture in mind when you paint your backdrop.  Next, the fields are not all green or grain coloured but rather a patchwork of both colours with some rusty brown tossed in here and there for good measure.  Of course the green in this case is concentrated along the right-of-way and in the few bushes near the horizon but you get the idea.