Moving lumber, cement (and a little oil) in Kelowna – 4

By   May 4, 2011

While the engine idols at the Richter Street crossing, and the operator seemingly does nothing, the second man has walked the length of the train checking to be sure everything is properly connected and all the loads are secure.  Nice job if you can get it on a sunny day deep in the Okanagan but not a pleasant prospect at higher altitudes in mid winter.

Funny, if you Google that intersection, the pot hole on the side of the road is still there.  Not so funny is the fact that I can’t find more than one figure in my scale that’s properly outfitted as a modern railway worker.  Lots of old steam drivers with floppy caps and dirty striped overalls but no one wearing an ounce of modern safety gear.  I suppose a touch of orange paint would go a long way.

There are a few more Kelowna Pacific photos and a video at

            The reason I point out so many links during this Proto-file is because the KPR is such a great shortline to model.  There’s single track, plenty of interesting industry and outstanding scenery.  Check it out,