Moving lumber, cement (and a little oil) in Kelowna

By   May 1, 2011

There may only be one train a day into Kelowna these days but the city still offers some easy to view switching for the local railfans.  There are powers that want to see and end to even that in order to have all freight in and out of here handled by big trucks.  What are they thinking?  Perhaps they enjoy digging into city coffers to fix the roads just like the one in the photo.  Or perhaps they own trucking companies and really don’t care.

Never the less, when I moved back to the Okanagan this job was being handled by CN and it was fun watching old safety cab MLWs smoking around the industrial area.  They were often a real mess.  Unwashed for eons, and if clean at all, they showed off more of their undercoat than stripes.  The Kelowna Pacific GP38’s though are as bright and clean as the day they came off the line with their American heritage showing.  Evident first in the placement of the headlights.  Lord only knows how the crew manages to see at night – in the rain or snow.  You can find more information and photos are at