One hour at Cisco – 3

By   September 2, 2013

I wasn’t going to suggest models for the CN’s contribution to the show at Cisco but if cost is no object, you might try  I’m paying someone at Mainline Bridges in AZ to build one for my large-scale layout and it will cost ½ of that.   But then, mine won’t be over 50 feet long.

My point here is the small details that are most apparent.

Photo 3

Look carefully and find the utility poles.  They’re naked.  The wires, telephone, telegraph or whatever, were removed long ago.  Even the glass insulators have vanished leaving only a few wooden pegs still standing.  The poles themselves will be standing in fifty years, maybe 100.  They’re hot, dry and set in stone.

I didn’t want to put that rusted bucket in the shot.  It’s out of place in a surprisingly clean environment.  There is no trash.  No old papers lying around or Tim Horton cups or rolled up tin foil or cigarette butts.  The crews that work here take pride in their ‘office’ and the equipment in it.  I remember when you couldn’t visit a good photo location without seeing those little yellow boxes everywhere.  None of that now either.

And take a look at that track.  It’s clean and new and locked down firmly to every perfectly spaced concrete tie.  I want to highlight the colour.  Black steel, burnt umber airbrushed ballast and just a hint of pale green vegetation.  Not over done. Very nice.